Sales Training That Works – And Lasts

 Experiential learning, gamification, simulations and video reinforcement to
enhance sales and technical acumen




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Training should give your team the skills they need

Training should work. But, often, it doesn’t. Why? Because we need to understand the relevance of what we’re learning and practice that for it to sink in – in fact, 87% of new information is lost if not reinforced within 30 days. This means traditional onboarding and sales training doesn’t work – costing you time and money. Frustrating, right?

I want you to know this - I’ve watched a LOT of folks deliver content over the past decades across several companies and industries. When I watched you, I saw in you a consummate, confident, educator who established instant credibility in the room. This is truly rare.

Connie Mardis, Siemens

“The M&M Team is comprised of polished, talented, strategic leaders that have invested passion, energy and care toward our business and people.”

Melissa Lowe,
Sr. Manager of Sales Training, Enablement & Execution, Phillips

“Working with M&M has been enjoyable, easy and successful. You get the outcomes, tools and resources of working with a large consultant company but the individual focus and attention of a small, boutique consultant company.”

Julie Young, Sr. Manager of Sales Training, Enablement & Execution

Engage Your Team and Learn Effectively Through Game And Story

At Michigan & Manchester we’ve empowered more than a million sales representatives, technical associates, and managers by enhancing sales & technical acumen through experiential learning, gamification, sales simulations and video reinforcement that embraces the unique power of story.

Increasing revenue and marketshare for our clients

Challenge thinking effectively With Immersive Sales Simulations

Nobody enjoys role plays.

While we think this puts skills to the test, in reality, it is often a distraction.

That’s why our interactive workshops are designed to challenge thinking and application of your sales team's acumen.

Participants apply tactical and strategic selling resources to learn how to effectively engage with key decision-makers in customized scenarios.

Your sales representatives will get the chance to demonstrate their ability to deliver compelling, value-based messaging in challenging selling environments.

They have an opportunity to

    • anticipate barriers
    • overcome common objections
    • collaboratively build new strategies.


Empower Your Team With Key Skills To Hone Sales and Technical Acumen

Using unique, engaging learning methods our highly effective workshops focus on:

  • Relationship Strategy

Understand key influencers in each account and gain confidence in solving customers’ problems more efficiently and effectively than your competitors.

  • Opportunity Strategy

Align customers' goals to the sales process to ensure your sales team identify the customer actions to prioritize in order to advance opportunity.

  • Account Strategy

Enhance your team's ability to create differential value for multiple stakeholders within your target market.

  • Management Strategy

Equipping and empowering your sales managers with the mindset, skillset, and tool kit to optimize organizational performance.

Reduce Silos, Apathy, And Stagnancy. It's Time To Bring The Win Within Reach.

1. Schedule A Call: We’ll listen to your challenges and tailor a unique plan for your team.

2. Unlock potential: Watch our revolutionary methods fire up your people for lasting change.

3. Transform your sales: Raise the roof on what’s possible with a truly empowered team.

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Create a winning culture

At Michigan & Manchester we believe change needs to be systemic for it to be effective and truly transformational. That's why we offer clients end to end support which includes training solutions to upskill your team and workshops to help:

Develop Your Leaders

Our Sales Enablement support team will create efficient processes for you and empower your sales managers with the mindset, skillset, and technical tool kit to optimize performance so your leaders can advance their teams with confidence.

Refine Your Strategy

When your leaders pull in different directions everyone gets stuck - because they don’t know how to fix this. We help you get to the heart of the problem to identify the solutions you need to help your sales team to advance.

Don’t waste your resources on training that just doesn’t work. Instead, schedule a call with Michigan & Manchester for a fresh perspective on sales enablement that has empowered more than a million sales people to deliver the results you need.