Work Smarter, Win Effortlessly

 Sales enablement implementation to set strong foundations for success

Invigorate your leaders

Streamline Your Sales Processes

Target Customers Effectively

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Sales Success Starts With Strong Footings

When you build on shaky foundations everything’s at risk. The same goes for your business. Without effective processes and strong leadership hitting targets is that much harder – and more frustrating.  You need to fix your foundations and get everyone on the same page so your sales teams have clear direction and the tools they need to execute their role with ease.

Ed Ross is a true professional in every way. He was truly a trusted advisor for me during a transition period with my company. With Ed's guidance we have been able to accomplish several goals and evolve as a selling organization.

Ross Roberson, Region Director at Cardinal Health

Equip Your Leaders With Systems Designed for Winning

A broken system is hard to fix when you’ve still got your day job to tackle. No-one has time to pull everything apart and start again. That's why our Sales Enablement team do that for you. We work with your team to identify the gaps and refine your processes for you so your people get a clear, effective system they know how to follow, a customer relationship strategy that really works for them and compelling content to create a story your customers will buy into.

Increasing revenue and marketshare for our clients

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Enabling your team to win while they learn

Our cost-effective Sales Enablement Implementation and Sales Leader Coaching solutions will equip your management team to roll out engaging workshops that make outperforming your competition easy. We’ll optimize the buying process and show you how to improve your customer’s buying experience. Then we’ll engage your team with effective processes in interactive workshops designed to enhance their skillset and collaboration so your team can sell more with the right content, behaviors, and tools.

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Identify issues and opportunities

We’ll coach your managers to improve planning and leadership skills, so they listen authentically, seek and gain commitment, to advance sales opportunities

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Learn to coach your team more efficiently

Your managers will learn how to maximize their time so deal coaching becomes simpler and more efficient to execute

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Tackle the critical factors holding you back

We’ll target the few, crucial improvements needed with your systems that will make the biggest impact on your reps’ results.

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Set the groundwork for growth

You’ll establish a process of continual improvement that invigorates your team so managers and reps buy in and actually enjoy it.


Ed excelled at strengthening the department's relationships cross-functionally and effectively maintaining employee moral during a time of transition when the company went through a significant merger/acquisition. His energy and determination were infectious, leading the team to successfully exceed its annual sales quotas.

Brandy Jones, Procurement Officer at State of New Mexico

Reduce Silos, Apathy, And Stagnancy. It's Time To Bring The Win Within Reach.

1. Schedule A Call: We’ll listen to your challenges and tailor a unique plan for your team.

2. Unlock potential: Watch our revolutionary methods fire up your people for lasting change.

3. Transform your sales: Raise the roof on what’s possible with a truly empowered team.

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Create a winning culture

At Michigan & Manchester we believe change needs to be systemic for it to be effective and truly transformational. That's why we offer clients end to end support which includes training solutions to upskill your team and workshops to help:


Overcome selling barriers; foster stronger relationships, identify opportunities and develop strategies to enhance sales & technical acumen with our immersive workshops, sales simulations, and training that harnesses gamification and video.


When your leaders pull in different directions everyone gets stuck - because they don’t know how to fix this. We help you get to the heart of the problem to identify the solutions you need to help your sales team to advance.

Don’t stay stuck in a rut just because there’s no time to fix this. Instead, outsource your sales enablement to Michigan & Manchester for expert, cost-effective support that has helped more than a million sales professionals achieve success.