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We help clients design and implement clear, actionable, and engaging sales enablement strategies.

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Struggling to find a high-caliber training provider?

Finding the right sales enablement support is tough. There is a sea of training providers out there and you may have multiple challenges you’re looking to overcome. And you’ve likely tried training in the past that’s failed to produce the outcomes you hoped for. So now it’s difficult to know who to trust. It’s shouldn’t be this tough to find a sales training and development partner you can depend on.

Increasing revenue and marketshare for our clients

We’re not just any other training provider

When your sales team is stuck – and your competitors are gaining ground, you can’t afford to waste precious time on training that sucks.  We get it. That’s why we’ll never take on a client unless we are 100% confident we can deliver positive and lasting change that will move your organization forward.

“The M&M Team is comprised of polished, talented, strategic leaders that have invested passion, energy and care toward our business and people.”

Melissa Lowe,
Sr. Manager of Sales Training, Enablement & Execution, Phillips

A priority as a leader is to bring value to all my sales associates and drive progress in their personal developments. Integrating Ed and his associates into our sales program has been a large success. Specifically, we sought Ed’s expertise in delivering the value story. The program delivered and created a collaborative learning environment. Most impressive, was the engagement from our most tenured sales associates. A measure of success is the utilization of concepts post-learning amongst the entire team. This program has been extremely successful!”

Mark Colamartini, Sales Director at Beckman Coulter

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World Class Sales Support

Michigan & Manchester’s services are delivered by an exceptional team of world-class sales professionals, each with different areas of expertise. We think locally but act globally, supporting more than a million learners in over 20 countries. We offer multi-lingual content and our sales methodologies are cross-cultural. Our practices are always evidence-based so you have peace of mind your training will be effective.

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Success comes when every department aligns…

Michigan & Manchester was founded by our Chief Executive Ed Ross, a consultant and solutions architect for over three decades. Ed has dedicated his career to understanding B2B strategy architecture as well as coaching executives on organizational behavior. He has worked with some of the most well-recognized brands in the world on their toughest business problems and believes success comes not just from making sales; but from leveraging sales enablement to improve performance across every department, and by building lasting relationships for years to come.

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Sales Performance/ Organizational Design Architect

Pat Mustico, PhD

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Cynthia Barnes

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Solutions Architect/
Master Facilitator

Eduardo Bryant

Reduce Silos, Apathy, And Stagnancy. It's Time To Bring The Win Within Reach.

1. Schedule A Call: We’ll listen to your challenges and tailor a unique plan for your team.

2. Unlock potential: Watch our revolutionary methods fire up your people for lasting change.

3. Transform your sales: Raise the roof on what’s possible with a truly empowered team.

The Manager every Salesperson deserves but rarely gets to experience.

Create a winning culture

At Michigan & Manchester we believe change has to be systemic to be truly transformational. That's why we offer end-to-end support to help you create a winning culture. Our services are designed to support you with:


When your leaders pull in different directions everyone gets stuck - because they don’t know how to fix this. We help you get to the heart of the problem to identify the solutions you need to help your sales team to advance.


Our Sales Enablement support team will create efficient processes for you and empower your sales managers with the mindset, skillset, and technical tool kit to optimize performance so your leaders can advance their teams with confidence.


Overcome selling barriers; foster stronger relationships, identify opportunities and develop strategies to enhance sales & technical acumen with our immersive workshops, sales simulations, and training that harnesses gamification and video.

Don’t risk your sales quota on off-the-shelf training that will be forgotten about next week. Instead, make meaningful changes to your sales processes with Michigan & Manchester who have empowered more than a million salespeople to deliver the results you deserve.